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Is love enough to save someone?

Fritzi´s exciting 24 hours begin when she tries to rob her husband's dealer.

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A dramedy - short form series

Fritzi wants to catch her husband's drug dealer. She needs money for a private rehab: for the in-patient detoxification of her addicted husband. The drug dealer,  a small fish who wants to get out of drug trafficking himself, needs money to support his sick father in a nursing home. Together they hatch a plan to screw the “big boss”and get to some money. For Fritzi, the most exciting 24 hours of her life begin, during which she witnesses a murder, falls in love, gains great insights and at the end has to decide, with a bag full of cash, whether she really wants to save her husband? And this after everyone has sung their way through the big question, whether love is enough to save someone?


Festivals and Awards 

  • Webfest Berlin / Best Pilot Award 2020, Berlin

  • Los Angeles Film Awards (LAFA) 
    United States, January 2021: Best Dark Comedy 

  • New York Film Awards, January 2021: Best Web Series, Best Original Story

  • Oniros Film Awards, New York 
    January 2021: Grand Jury Award for Best Dark Comedy

  • Actors Awards Los Angeles 
    January 2021: Best Actor in a TV/Web Series presented to Florian Maria Sumerauer, Best Performance of Fest/ Best Actress in a TV/Web Series presented to Julia Zimth

  • Filmcon Awards, January 2021: Best Picture, Best Web Series 

  • New York In. Film Awards 
    January 2021: Winner Best Soundtrack presented to Therese Strasser, Best Webseries, Best Ensemble

  • Festigious, Los Angeles 
    February 2021: Winner Best Web Series

  • London Web Fest, United Kingdom 
    February 2021: Best Production

  • Indie Short Fest, Los Angeles 
    March 2021: Winner Best Web Series/TV Pilot, nominated for Best Actress, nominated for Best Acting Ensemble, nominated for Best Dark Comedy Short

  • Top Shorts, Los Angeles 
    February 2021: Best Web Series

  • Independent Shorts Awards

    Los Angeles, January 2021: Bronze Award for Best Webseries/Tv Pilot

  • Santa Monica Webfest, United States: nominated for Best Actress/Best Drama

  • T.O Webfest, Canada, Official Selection

  • Seoul Webfest, Korea: nominated für Best Dramedy and Best Music/ winning Best Music

  • Sicily Webfest, Italy: Best Series, Best Orignial Music Score

  • Minnesota Webfest, Official Selection

  • Apulia Webfest,  Official Selection

  • MontréalDigitalWebFest:  Prix Du Jury 

  • Stareable Festival: nominated for Best Female  Creator Award

  • Asia Webfest: Best Directing

  • Digital Media Webfest: Best Screenplay

  • Selection Seriencamp 2021:  

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